Sell My Motorhome For Free

Looking for a hassle free alternative to selling your Motorhome? We turn motorhomes into cash in as little as 24 hours. Once we have all your motorhome details, our valuations team  get to work to arrive at a fair and honest direct cash offer. If you agree to sell your caravan to us and after inspection, all payments are paid directly into your nominated bank account INSTANTLY!
There a number of ways you can sell your motorhome; national media like Autotrader, motorhome and caravan magazines, local advertising, web advertising, ebay or even putting a for sale sign in the window. You may have tried selling things through these routes before. The problem is that the costs can mount up and you have absolutely no idea how long it might take to find a buyer, if at all.
Our solution is simple and easy. We are one of the UK’s largest dedicated buyers of caravans and motorhomes and we are always looking to buy. If you want to sell, we want to buy. We will provide you with a personal valuation and arrange delivery and secure payment – it really is that easy for you.

The first step is for us to value your Motorhome. This is very easy, free and completely without obligation. Simply enter your registration and then complete the short form that appears on the Get Started page.

Motorhomes have many variations and we may need to call you with a few additional questions, so please do include your phone number.

Sell My Motorhome For Free

Selling a motorhome can be a major hassle. With new people showing up at all hours of the day or not showing up at all, it can be hard to retain a sense of privacy.

Selling a motorhome presents unique challenges because of the size and the amount of money involved as well as  other difficulties associated with selling such a large investment.

There are also high costs associated with selling such an expensive item. Listing by traditional methods can run your costs up, not to mention that less and less people are viewing these ads. In the digital age people have often wondered, “How do I sell my motorhome for free?” The good news is that services have emerged to fulfill this purpose that are far superior to traditional methods.
The best news is that you don’t have to sell your motorhome to a stranger. We provide a service that will evaluate your motorhome, and provide you a free quote. Unlike many lowball offers that you might receive on other buying services, our offers will be both reasonable and upfront. In fact you now have two ways to sell your motorhome, put it up online via our brokerage system or get an immediate offer.

The bottom line is that we want our customers to feel satisfied with the entire selling process. Getting rid of a motorhome can be a stressful ordeal. We exist solely to make things easier for the customer, assuring an easy and satisfactory transaction from start to finish.
There have been many ways to list motorhomes that have become popular in the last decade. Some services include the popular bidding or car sale websites. The problems with these sites that is often unaddressed is the fact that they often charge exorbitant fees that can really add up. More importantly, your motorhome is not guaranteed to sell. In fact, these sites have become increasingly less effective at getting your sale. This is why our service has continued to grow for several years. With all the “noise” associated with selling a motorhome, it is still most important to rely on treating the customer right.
So if you have ever wondered, “How am I going to sell my motorhome?” Please rest assured that our site has all the tools you need to get the job done effectively. This is the most comprehensive site you will find, relating to all things motorhome. We want to fight for your right to get a fair price without the extra fees. Our business relies on keeping our customers satisfied. That is why we are so pleased to offer these free listing services, in addition to all the other aspects of selling and evaluating.
It is also important to remember the kind of people searching our listings. These are potential customers that are interested in buying a motorhome. The most important thing about our listings is that they will only be shown to people that are interested. Most people do not browse those other sites specifically looking for a motorhome. We have filtered out the riffraff to make sure that any eyes viewing your listing will be interested. This is another reason why we feel we can offer superior service to many other sites out there. We are always open to feedback, and more than willing to take any questions or assist in any way. We will make sure that you never fret about selling your motorhome again.

Once you have decided to sell your motorhome, here at sell my motorhome for free we hope to help you obtain the best possible price for a quick sale through a respected buyer of motorhomes in the UK

In most cases a deal can be completed within days including free collection from your home, or indeed anywhere within the UK.

sell my motorhome


Prices offered by dealers very much depends on both desirability and condition of your motorhome.  This may seem obvious, but not all sellers realise this.  So before attempting to sell your motorhome, if you want to get the best price be sure to put any major issues right and always describe your motorhome thoroughly and truthfully to avoid having the price beaten down once a buyer turns up to inspect prior to payment.

Sell My Motorhome

Once a deal is made over the telephone or via email a suitable date and time will be arranged for an inspection and collection to take place.  Once the condition of the motorhome has been checked and matches the description offered by the customer, payment will be made via bank transfer.

Ensure that you have the ownership documents ready and signed as a seller.  This ensures that there will be no delay in the deal being completed.

Once your bank confirms to you that the cleared funds have arrived in your account the dealer will drive away and the transaction will be complete.

Selling My Motorhome Fast

By dealing with trade professionals, once you have a price that you are happy with, you are almost guaranteed a prompt conclusion to any transaction.


If you are a trade buyer of motorhomes and wish to be added to this website for customers to contact you if they are interested in selling their camper van, please get in touch with us.